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Golf packing tips with OGIO

How to prepare for your ultimate golf trip – OGIO’s essential guide for packing your golf gear

Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins
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Below we've highlighted OGIO's top tips for packing and how to make sure you're fully prepared for your next golf trip with us. From stocking up on enough golf clubs, to bringing extra clothes for warmth, these key travel tips will have you fully prepared and ready to hit the fairways.

Protect your driver

Protecting your driver is a must. Remove the head of your driver and pack it in its headcover in the side pocket of your golf bag. This will keep it well protected.

Keep your clubs covered

Before packing your golf bag in your travel cover, remember that in order to prevent your clubs from being damaged or moving around in transit, it's essential to put the rain hood over them.

Charge your range finder

Is there really anything more heartbreaking than arriving at the golf course and not having your yardages? Don't forget to charge your battery before you get there.

Prepare for all types of weather

Remember to prepare for unexpected rain or cold weather, just in case. It's always better to have an extra layer or two for warmth and something to keep you dry.

Load up

Since all courses are different and most don't stock every model of golf ball, double-check that you've packed enough of your favourites just in case they don't have the one you're after.


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