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Golf travel checklist

Whether you’re going away or staying within the UK, all golf trips will share some commonalities when it comes to getting prepared. Check out some of our expert’s best tips for making sure you can step on the first tee entirely stress-free!

Mark Bell
Mark Bell
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Travelling domestically

Trips within the UK will generally be straightforward, but we’d definitely recommend building in some extra travel time for any unforeseen stoppages! This is particularly true when heading on a break over a weekend, as road travel on Friday and Monday within the UK can greatly vary throughout the country. There’s nothing worse than rushing straight to the first tee without a pre-round loosen up (either in the bar or on the course!).

Traveling Overseas

As the excitement builds before your trip, make sure that you’ve had a look into any specific requirements for the country to which you’re travelling. You’ll be able to find loads of information on the venue pages on our website, but we’d also recommend taking a glance at the Foreign Office’s official travel advice for your destination -

Dependent on where you’re heading you may need an entry Visa (or an ESTA if you’re heading to the USA). These are generally very easy to obtain, but may need to be done in advance of travel – so make sure to take a look in plenty of time before your trip.

Another thing that’s definitely worth sorting pre-trip is your currency. You’ll get a much better rate of exchange ahead of your trip, versus doing this last minute at the airport. One of our top tips would be to pool your money where possible and exchange in bulk, as you’ll get a more favourable rate, the more you exchange in one transaction.

If you do find yourself on your trip and short of currency, ‘hole in the wall’ cashpoints are readily available at most of our destinations. Make sure to always withdraw and pay for items in the local currency, as once again you’ll benefit from a slightly more favourable rate of exchange.

For on the course

Now comes the exciting bit! What’s going in your bag for your golf trip? We’d always recommend packing a few extra balls than you may need, as buying replacements from the pro shop on-site could add some serious expense to your trip … dependent on how many you need!

Modern golf technology has been a huge help on the course, but the latest equipment can come at a price. Make sure your clubs are fully protected, particularly if you’re getting on a plane. Some of our top tips include;

  • Pack additional clothes within your golf flight cover to help protect your clubs.
  • Where possible, remove the heads from your metal woods and pack them within their headcovers inside your golf bag.
  • Packing your shoes within this bag will save space in your additional luggage. Moreover, packing your socks within your shoes will free up even more room!

Also, consider which bag you’re taking with you. If you’re fortunate enough to have a couple of golf bags, think about how it will be used on the trip. If you’re likely to be using a buggy, there’s no reason not to take your larger option and fill it with everything you may need. However, if you plan on carrying your bag for any of your rounds, think about minimising what you’re taking with you. Waking up with a stiff back following a round carrying your bag isn’t the ideal way to start the second day of your trip!

The final consideration for throwing into your golf bag is some sun protection. Both in the UK and especially abroad, exposure to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time is not advised… no matter how cold the previous winter may have been. Make sure to add some suncream into your suitcase and preferably a hat of some description – if nothing else, we hope this tip will avoid you needing to step away from your group to go on the hunt for some cooling aloe vera gel!

For off the course

Is a night on the town in your plans? One of our best tips for keeping you looking sharp on a night out is to roll up your clothing, rather than folding them in a traditional manner. This will limit creasing and can also help save space within a bag.

Also be aware of restrictions on travel when packing your toiletries, particularly if you’re getting on a flight. The last thing you’d want is your latest aftershave or perfume being confiscated at customs.

We’d also advise that you check out any local customs which might need to influence your dress. Certain countries may have restrictions or guidance around things like head or shoulder coverings, however, all of this information should be available through

We hope you have a great time on your trip, and as ever, if you have any further questions about your specific trip and can’t find the answers you’re looking for on-site, our dedicated sales experts will always be available to help answer any queries you may have!


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