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What to pack for your golf trip

See below our handy guide and be fully prepared for your next golf trip!

Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins
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Here’s your guide on what essential items you need to pack before you stay and play in the UK:

Golf Clubs

There’s no two ways about it, when packing for a golf trip you NEED golf clubs however, if you are new to the game or just don’t happen to own a set, fear not, as you can hire golf clubs from nearly every golf resort/course across the country.

Golf Clothes

Gone are the days when wearing Plus Fours and knee length socks with a button-down shirt are mandatory before you tee off (thank god!), golf has stepped into the 21st century and even the pros are wearing hoodies on the course. Whilst you can’t go wrong with a pair of chinos, polo shirt and lightweight jumper, we recommend wearing what you feel most comfortable playing in.

Note – not all golf clubs have embraced the modern game so it is important you check the venue’s dress code before you travel. There’s nothing more annoying than the starter telling you go into the pro shop and spend money you didn’t want to spend on appropriate attire.

Golf Shoes

Whilst the game has developed over the years, so has the technology and attire. Golf shoes are looking more like actual shoes and are now incredibly comfortable, making those 36 or 54 hole weekends more bearable. It is always worth double checking the venues own dress code as some may not allow trainers.

Golf Balls

It almost seems so obvious that we shouldn’t even have to be telling you but you’d be surprised! Before you go on any golf break make sure you have plenty of golf balls, especially if the course you are travelling to has plenty of water. Buying lake balls online is much more cost efficient than buying a dozen in the pro shop.


So, you decided to go on a golf break in the UK, it’s summer, the weather has been great building up to your trip and then in typical UK fashion the heavens open and you’re soaked through head to foot (sound familiar?). Whilst you can get away without lugging your waterproofs around the golf course most of the time, we highly recommend you pack them regardless, even if they stay in the bottom of your overnight bag, you’ll regret it if you don’t and you’ll thank us if you do.

Overnight bag

As the majority of UK golf breaks last fewer than 3 nights, most golfers can get away with an overnight duffel or carry bag. Within this we’d recommend you pack the following:

  • Casual wear and smart casual – whilst we can’t comment on or give you fashion advice we can suggest packing a pair of jeans or smart trousers, t-shirts, shirts and jumpers so you’re ready for a nice dinner in the hotel bar or exploring the local bars and restaurants
  • Sports and swimwear – not everyone will want to use the hotel spa facilities however, after a round of golf or night of indulgence, a swim, gym or spa session can make people feel relaxed and refreshed
  • Toiletries – it goes without saying that you need to pack the bare essentials when it comes to toiletries, although you might be able to pick up a few things at the hotel if you have forgotten anything
  • Paracetamol – we’ve all been there and had a little too much to drink after a round of golf and whether you’ve got a long drive back home or another 18 holes to look forward to, your head will thank you for remembering to pack the paracetamol

Forest of Arden Golf Course

If travelling overseas to a European destination or further afield, please remember to take the additional items:

  • Passport – you can’t go very far without it and no one wants to that person in the group that has to catch a later flight because they forgot their passport. Remember to check your passport has not expired, especially if going further afield
  • Visas – not all countries will require them but it’s best to double-check the applicable government websites to see if a visa is required and how to process them. This is particularly important if you’re venturing outside of Europe
  • Sun cream and after sun – Whilst the golfer’s tan can be comical, no one wants to be that burnt member of the party and we highly recommend taking both sun cream and after sun to protect yourselves
  • Golf club travel bag – if you decide to travel with your own golf clubs instead of renting a set, we recommend purchasing a decent golf club travel bag. Not only are these the safest way to transport your clubs from A to B but you will also have room to pack more heavy duty items such as shoes and clothes, saving you from over-stuffing your carry on luggage
  • Currency – whilst most countries take various card payments including VISA, Mastercard and American Express, there will always be that one bar that is cash only. We highly recommend you take a small amount of cash with you to avoid any unwanted charges when withdrawing money on your trip

Whilst everyone and every golf trip is different, the most important thing we can suggest is pack and dress for the occasion. From a formal celebration where Black Tie may be required to a stag/hen do where a jazzy shirt is a must, only you can judge this. Whatever the occasion, if you don’t stray too far away from the list above, you won’t go too far wrong!

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