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5 reasons to book a golf holiday to the Algarve

If you thought that all the Algarve has to offer is golf then you thought wrong. Read on to find out just why people love this Portuguese hot spot.

Joel Martin
Joel Martin 7 mins read

It's no secret that the Algarve is one of Europe's top golf destinations. Home to many of 'Europe's Top 100 Golf Courses', the destination is a favourite for holiday makers looking to take advantage of its all-year-round warm climate. In this article we will discuss five reasons why we would recommend taking a trip to the Algarve to anyone yet to experience the beautiful coastal region in Portugal.


The sun-safe climate and coastal location are easily accessible with up to five direct flights every day from various airports in the UK. Once you land at Faro airport, you're only a short 25 minute drive from Vilamoura. Alternatively, Albufeira is just a further 10 minute drive away.


The Algarve really suits all types of golfers! With over 40 golf courses to choose from, it is no wonder that the region is one of Europe's most popular golf destinations. With so much variety, we understand that choosing which courses to play might be an intimidating prospect. Do not fear as our experts will be more than happy to tailor any quotes specifically to your wants and needs!


The Portuguese cuisine offers great dishes for all tastes, often with local ingredients. With its coastal location, fish and shellfish dishes with today's catch are perhaps the most popular of them all. A Golfbreaks favourite among both employees and clients is Bovino Steakhouse. Known for their high-quality food and excellent service, we highly suggest a visit if you haven’t already! Another good choice for seafood lovers is Casa do Lago.


Whether you choose to live in Eastern, Western or central Algarve, there is a wide range of resorts with both hotel and apartment accommodation as well as plenty of activities to take part in, both on and off the golf course. With so much choice, golfers are never far from a fantastic golf course! Whether you choose to live directly at a golf resort or at one of the more centrally located hotel options, you will always be near a high-quality course.


The Algarve has a truly fantastic climate, with over 300 days of sunshine each year and minimal rainfall, golfers can feel confident that they’re likely to have glorious sunshine during their Golfbreak in the Algarve. Temperatures in the spring time tend to reach as high as 30°C in the sun and 20°C in the shade. Whereas in the summer, temperatures can soar up to a sizzling 35°C. This may sound too hot, but when you consider the coastal breeze, these temperatures become much more tolerable.

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From the glorious beaches and sunshine to the cuisine, and of course unmatched fairways, you’ll have the time of your life in the Algarve…


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