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10 reasons why you MUST take a golf trip to St Andrews

Ten reasons to justify a golf vacation that does not need justifying!

Chris Bowles
Chris Bowles 6 mins read

1. The Old Course and the legends

Old Course, St Andrews

2. The feeling on the 1st tee

Old Course, 1st tee

3. The prized picture on the Swilcan Bridge

The Swilcan Bridge on the Old Course, St Andrews Links

4. Bragging rights

Valley of Sin, St Andrews Links

5. In golf links we trust

New Course, St Andrews Links

6. Test your game to the limit

Old Course, St Andrews Links

7. So many courses, so little time

Kittocks Course, Fairmont St Andrews

8. Gateway to Scottish golf and more

Championship Course, Carnoustie

9. The majestic Auld Toon

St Andrews Cathedral

Although there is a significant history to the town, it remains alive and buzzing due to the youthful population of students, which gives it a unique atmosphere. So many factors have come together here to create a magical old place full of secrets.

10. Pubs, restaurants and nightlife

Jigger Inn, St Andrews

Feeling inspired?
Hopefully, we have now convinced you that you must make the trip to the Home of Golf at least once in your lifetime. You should now be itching to book that flight over to the UK and experience it for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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