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Reasons to visit St Andrews

They don't call it the 'Home of Golf' for nothing. St Andrews is steeped in golfing history with stunning coastal views to match. Never been? Read on to see why it's somewhere not to be missed.

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St Andrews Cathedral, standing tall since 1158

As the years moved on, the castle took on a more sinister life, becoming a fearsome prison and site of religious persecution and murder during the Scottish Reformation, which led to a lengthy siege between Protestant and Catholic forces. Both sides cut deep into the rock to create underground tunnels. These remain open to the public today and serve as a reminder of a bloody past that hangs over the town. It’s a must-visit for anyone with an interest in medieval history.

The ruins of St Andrews castle overlooking the North Sea

British Golf Museum

Contemporary building of the British Golf Museum

New Picture House

If you are fortunate enough to be in town when there is a decent movie on show, then the New Picture House is an appealing opportunity to be transported back to an era when cinemas were less cynically commercialized and more intimate in nature.

Being the absolute antitheses of the huge multiplex theatres that you see across major cities today, this old building oozes character and charm throughout its modest three screens (which regularly show the major releases) and is a treat for anyone who misses the old days.

West Sands

West Sands beach at sunset

Feeling inspired?
When you come to play the historic links courses of St Andrews, remember to look up, absorb the scenery and take a break in this marvelous old town.


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