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Best Dr Alister Mackenzie golf courses

With over 50 course designs under his belt this once trained doctor come golfing architect truly deserves his place in the World Golf Hall of Fame. We take a look at just a few of his creations.

David McKevitt
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Despite originally being trained as a surgeon, Dr. Alister MacKenzie finds himself in the World Golf Hall of Fame for his contributions to golf course architecture as he designed more than 50 golf courses, including world-famous designs such as Augusta National, Cypress Point and Royal Melbourne.

His designs are found all around the world, with the famous MacKenzie tiered greens featuring heavily in his designs. Take a look at ten of our favourite Dr. Alister MacKenzie golf courses that you should definitely consider for your next golf break.

Alwoodley golf course

Burnham & Berrow golf course

Burnham & Berrow golf course

Cork golf course

Sand Moor golf course

Littlestone golf course

Pannal golf course

Super mare golf course

Willingdon golf course

Bruntsfield links

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Dr Alister Mackenzie truly deserves his title as a leading golf architect, with over 50 spectacular course designs under his belt.


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