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Jazzy’s Solheim Cup Experience

I was lucky enough to attend the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles, the Home of Golf, in 2019 and it was one of the most memorable and enjoyable golf experiences of my life. Check out some of my favourite memories.

The Jazzy Golfer
The Jazzy Golfer
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The moment I set foot on the course at Gleneagles I knew I was in for a unique golfing experience. I walked towards the spectator’s area passing groups of people draped in European flags, some covered in face paint and others wearing fancy wigs, but we all shared the same look on our faces of excitement and nerves.

I approached the first tee and could hear the roar of the crowds from the stands: “U-S-A, U-S-A!”; “Let’s Go Europe, Let’s Go!” Thousands of golf fans had travelled from around the world to cheer on their favourite Solheim Cup team and to create a truly electrifying atmosphere. This was Women’s Golf! I knew instantly it was going to be an incredible week!

If you’re considering travelling to the Solheim Cup I cannot recommend it highly enough and here are a few things to look forward to:

Superb golf (of course!)

There is no doubt in my mind that golf is the most amazing sport in the world and watching the greatest players in our sport compete against each other for the Solheim Cup title is truly a privilege. There is nothing quite like watching the likes of Georgia Hall, Charley Hull and the Korda sisters battle it out on the biggest stage in golf to allow you to appreciate just how athletic, technical, precise, beautiful and, yes, frustrating golf can be!

A unique sense of unity & celebration

The mood is set from the moment you arrive at the first tee. Huge speakers blast out popular songs and you will be overcome by the urge to sing, dance and clap along. Before they step out to take their first shot you will see some of your favourite players as you’ve never seen them before as they too join in the fun celebrating with and bouncing off the crowd.

I will forever remember watching Captains Juli Inkster and Catriona Mathew dancing with their respective teams. I am a HUGE fan of Women’s Golf and seeing these players on the first tee, surrounded by packed grandstands with thousands of people and getting the credit they deserve is incredibly empowering and unifying. Every single person in that crowd is there to celebrate and support Women’s Golf and these amazing players.

Something for everyone

Besides the incredible golf on display, you will not be stuck for things to keep you entertained throughout your time at the Solheim Cup. The Opening and Closing ceremonies are worth every minute and add to the sense of occasion.

The Spectator Village is also worth a visit, with activities that cater to all the family. Kids can try their hand at driving, putting, and chipping in the specially designed interactive Golf Zone and can even enter a long-putt challenge to really test their skills. Unlike many outdoor public events, catering trucks provide food and drink for everyone.

Of course, there is a merchandise tent where mementos of your experience can be purchased and stock all your favourite golf-related clothing and products in a wide range of sizes, including children’s. If that wasn’t enough, keep your eye out for the free goodies being given away at the exhibition units!

Excellent outfits

The miles of fairways, all of which are lined two to three people deep, are adorned with thousands of Team USA and Team Europe flags all waving to create a sea of yellow, red, white and blue. This sea becomes an ocean surrounding each tee but truly remarkable are the Solheim superfans that really go the extra mile to represent their team and turn up sporting some fantastic and outrageous outfits.

Drama, lots of it!

No matter which team you are supporting, I can guarantee that you will be in for a rollercoaster of emotions watching the Solheim Cup and that it really is the most exhilarating thing! As a Team Europe supporter, I cannot adequately express how tense the feeling was knowing that, with only three matches left on the final day, we had to win all 3 to win the Solheim Cup.

I remember hearing on the radio that one match had gone Team Europe’s way and I walked up to the 18th in the hope of catching the final two matches. Then, as Suzanne Pettersen approaches the 18th green, we hear an almighty cheer from the 17th hole. Bronte Law has won her match! This can only mean one thing: if Suzanne holes her putt Team Europe will have won the Solheim Cup in Scotland, the Home of Golf, with a Scottish Captain. What followed, no piece of writing could ever do justice and so I will leave you with this video…

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