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What to look for in a family golf holiday

Make your next family golf holidays as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

Alex Mabbutt
Alex Mabbutt
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Here at Golfbreaks we cater to every type of group you can think of, including fabulous family golf getaways. Why not combine your usual summer break in the sunshine with some time on the links? With many of our venues offering great offers on family packages, check out some of our top tips to consider ahead of your next trip with the people you love the most.

Consider a resort-based holiday

One of the big advantages of our resort properties is that everything you could possibly need during your time away is right there on-site. This can be particularly handy if one of the family isn’t heading out to the course, reducing the time spent apart and the need for external transfers.

Consider your accommodation options

Whether you want the privacy of your own villa within a resort, such as at Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, or interconnecting rooms within a larger hotel – make sure you speak to our Golf Travel Experts about the types of accommodation that can be found throughout our portfolio.

A more golf-focussed break, especially in an on-course villa (such as at Pestana Golf Resort in the Algarve), is also a good option, with easy access to the first tee – as well as the clubhouse, restaurants, and wider amenities.

Aphrodite Hills Hotel, Cyprus

Getting about

Whilst airport transfers are available to most of our destinations, we’d recommend also considering the hiring of a car for a family golf trip – providing you with maximum flexibility throughout your stay.

Although many of our resorts will have on-site shopping facilities, having your own four wheels allows you to head further afield, perhaps to a local restaurant, theme park, beach, or just to a larger supermarket for that very particular request for the kids’ breakfast!

Travel time (on the ground, and in the sky!)

As well as being our most popular holiday destinations, the likes of Spain and Portugal also offer a reasonably short flight time, which can be ideal for children or larger families who might not be looking forward to spending too much time in the air.

There are also regular flights from across the UK to these countries, reducing the time spent traveling to the airport before your departure. Make sure to also consider your travel time when you land, as some venues may be up to an hour from the airport – although most are located much closer!

Things to do nearby

In the likely event that you’re not playing golf every day of your trip, make sure to choose a destination with plenty to do nearby. Whether that’s some retail therapy, a great beach, a waterpark, or maybe even a historical landmark – it’s good to have options (other than just laying by the pool!) for your days away from the course.

Our Golf Travel Experts have explored every corner of every destination we sell and will be more than happy to make recommendations.

Non-golfing facilities

Fair is fair, if the non-golfers in the family are happy to go on a golf-centric getaway, the least you can do is to ensure a good number of off-course activities for them at your base (and you) to get involved with. Many of our hotels have brilliant spa facilities on-site, with a vast array of treatments available – as well as saunas, gyms, jacuzzies, and swimming pools, of course.

One top tip if your family is looking to spend some time in the water outside of the main summer holidays; double check if your preferred hotel has a heated pool so you and the kids don’t get a nasty shock when you jump in head first in early March!

Additional golfing facilities

It might not always be feasible to sneak off for four hours, but having a driving range or putting green available can be a great way to spend some time, without the need to head out for 18-holes, particularly if you’re staying on-site at a golf resort. It’s also a place to entice the non-golfers in the family to give the sport a go for the first time.

It’s also good to know if the venue offers golf lessons – the ideal place to improve your own game, or to help the kids work on theirs (whilst giving parents an hour off!).

A choice of restaurants

Our family trips tend to stay for slightly longer than our traditional golf holiday packages, perhaps a week or more. As such, there needs to be some variety for everybody on the trip. The food in our hotels is always excellent, but it’s worth checking if your venue has different restaurants to choose from so that you can mix things up a little. Or even better, look for a place with some bars and restaurants nearby to really get a good flavour of where you’re staying.

Breakfast – the most important meal of the (holi)day

The breakfast buffet can be a highlight of a holiday for many – particularly the kids, and access to a hotel with a great breakfast offering will not only fill the family up for a day, but also negates the need to head out on the hunt for food each morning.

Check with our Golf Travel Experts who have visited every venue in our portfolio for their top tips for hotels that get breakfast just right!

Consider an all-inclusive trip

Last but certainly not least, why not consider an all-inclusive golf holiday? Families with older children may find this phenomenally cost-effective, with the growing youngsters seemingly always fixing for a snack! It can also give the family flexibility, particularly around lunchtime, as each member can grab food when they’re ready, rather than waiting for a fixed group time.

If you are heading away on an all-inclusive holiday, as mentioned previously, do double-check to see if your hotel has multiple dining options, as even the best restaurants may become a touch repetitive on day 12 of your trip!

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