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Callaway's epic attempt at a Guinness World Record

In collaboration with Callaway, Marcus Armitage takes on the Guinness World Record for 'farthest golf shot caught in a moving car’, a record previously set almost a decade ago in 2012.

3 mins read

After continuing to solidify their position as the #1 Driver on the European Tour, our friends at Callaway have turned their attention to breaking an Official Guinness World Record with the help of their new Epic Driver and Staff Player Marcus Armitage.

Check out the video above to see Marcus ‘the bullet’ Armitage attempt to break the record for the ‘Farthest Golf Shot Caught in a Moving Car’. But please, don’t try this on your next golf break!

Feeling inspired?
While we don't recommend aiming for moving cars, take advantage of Callaway's Driver range such as the Epic Speed and Epic Max for your next golf break.


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