Ship your clubs & travel light

Why use Sherpr?

  • SHERPR removes the hassle and stress of carrying your clubs to and from the airport
  • Up to 20% cheaper than airlines’ golf club baggage fees
  • One hour pick-up slots from any address, including your local club
  • Free golf box to protect your clubs in transit
  • Save on large vehicle rental
  • 5-star service reviews

…Plus there is no risk of arriving at your destination without your golf clubs due to airlines mishandling your luggage or bumping them off the flight due to lack of baggage space!

How Sherpr works

1. Schedule your shipment

With SHERPR, getting a quote and shipping your sports equipment is fast and simple. To get a quote, simply visit, select the collection and delivery country, relevant date(s) and number of each item(s) and click ‘Get Quote’. To schedule your shipment, click ‘Buy Now’.

2. Receive and attach your labels securely

SHERPR will send electronic copies of your labels which can be found in your email confirmation. Simply print off and attach your labels securely to your packaging. Remember to take your return label with you for your return journey.

3. Prepare your bags and Sherpr boxes

SHERPR will send one of their custom-made golf club travel boxes along with tape and shipping label(s) ahead of time to each person. These boxes are specifically made to fit courier dimensions to ensure your clubs travel safely and securely. When shipping golf clubs, SHERPR suggests cushioning the club heads with a jacket or towel for protection.

4. Collections of item(s)

One of SHERPR's trusted couriers will collect your club(s) within the specified pickup window from your designated pick-up address. Please ensure your club(s) are correctly packed in the custom-made travel box provided by SHERPR, labelled and readily available for the driver by the start of your pick-up window.

5. Track your shipments

Once your club(s) have been collected, they will be trackable throughout the journey using SHERPR’s tracking number provided in your SHERPR confirmation email. If you have any questions about tracking, please contact their customer support team on [email protected] where they will be happy to assist you.

6. Your clubs have arrived

Unless requested otherwise, your club(s) will arrive a day or two before you, meaning it will be there ready for your arrival. You have just saved yourself time and hassle at the airport. Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.

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