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7 tips to organize your perfect golf buddy trip

How to be the golf trip hero; essential tips for group organizers

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There are many moving parts to consider when organizing a golf trip, and the bigger the group the more opinions and requests you will need to take into account. When working with group leaders we often joke that it is ‘like herding cats’! If you find yourself in the hot-seat and are tasked with organizing your group’s next trip, then you will find these tips very useful.

1) Zone in and find your Zen

It is very important to start with a good understanding of the headline parameters that are going to work best for the group. When planning a trip the first question is ‘where?’, and in the initial stages it is important to try to narrow this down to one or two destinations (in the US or overseas). This is often dictated by budget per person and the number of people in the group (the bigger the group the wider the range of budgets typically), as well as flight routes and airline prices if flying. Dates are also very important as this will impact the price of the trip due to seasonality of destinations and venues. As the organizer, it is also good to determine how long the trip will be and how many rounds of golf are to be included. By narrowing down your trip requirements early on, you will find you will reach group harmony quicker!

2) The early bird catches the worm

3) Get some help from the pros

“Of course you are going to suggest this” you might say, but planning golf trips for large groups can be very time-consuming and stressful, so we highly recommend that you seek advice from a company that does this day in and day out, like Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR. Not only will we do all the legwork for you, but we will also get you the best price. Since 1998 Golfbreaks have sent millions of customers on golf trips all over the world and due to the strength of our relationships, we are able to negotiate the best rates and group deals for you. We make our money from the venues rather than having to overcharge the customer. It is a win/win for you –a concierge service with a best price guarantee! We also hear time and time again from group organizers how painful it is being the ‘banker’ for the group. We take that hassle away from you and allow individuals to make payment directly to us online or over the phone. Let us be the cat herder for you!

4 ) Everyone has an opinion

Trying to please everyone is difficult, and the larger the group the more difficult this can become. As the organizer, you need to take the lead and help people make decisions. Too much choice is not helpful, so we suggest giving the group no more than 3 options to choose from. Once you have the headline parameters agreed (as suggested in tip number 1) it is time to get proposed itineraries and pricing together for the group. By offering A, B or C you will have enough choice and ensure a winner is picked quickly.

5) Money talks

One of the most frustrating things for any group organizer is getting commitment out of people. Everyone signs up initially and then when it is time to put some money down the numbers start to drop. You may have booked a trip for a group of 24 and, before you know it, 8 people have dropped out and you are down to 16. All the great terms you may have negotiated with the venues based on a group of 24 become void and you then have to go back to the 16 and ask for more money or deliver some tough news. We hear this headache all the time. Our suggestion is to get a commitment out of people very early, and the only way to do this is to have them put down money early on. You may want to set up a bank account and have people put money into that account before you even book anything with venues. You can then plan a trip based on the number of people that have deposited money into that account.

6) Planes, trains and automobiles

7) Tax does not have to be taxing

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