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Reasons to go to an away Ryder Cup

Singing louder than the Europeans, amazing atmosphere, experiencing the best competition in golf, as if you needed a reason to travel away to a Ryder Cup.

Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas
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Watching the Ryder Cup on TV is one thing, yet being there and experiencing the incredible atmosphere first-hand is another.

There is also something extra special about taking the trip overseas to follow Team USA, especially when it’s in Italy for the very first time. After all, what could be better than watching the best golfers in the world battle it out during the day, coupled with all the wonderful sights and delicacies of Rome by night. Still not convinced? Here’s five incredible reasons why you must attend an away Ryder Cup.

It’s been 30 years…

What a fantastic victory that was for Team USA at Whistling Straits! 19-9 is the biggest win since ‘Europe’ entered the competition and this young team are well placed to create even more history in years to come. 1993 is the last time USA won the Ryder Cup on overseas soil, which means it will be 30 years since an away win when the event is contested in Rome two years from now. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool to witness first-hand!

2021 Ryder Cup, Whistling Straits

The first Ryder Cup EVER in Italy…

Who needs an excuse to go to Italy? No one, right! That’s why this is going to be such a special and possibly unique Ryder Cup. Rome is one of the most famous capital cities in the world and the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club is no more than 25mins drive north-east of the city. If there is ever a place to watch gladiators battle it out, then this is it!

Rome, Italy

It's quite simply the best event in golf…

Whilst the four Majors are pretty special and tend to define a golfer’s career, there is nothing quite like the sheer electricity and drama of the Ryder Cup. It is the ultimate test in team golf which tends to bring out the best from arguably the top 24 golfers on the planet at that time. Golf is an individual sport and it is fascinating to watch players come together under the stewardship of their inspirational captain. Personal differences have to be put aside, and egos in check! How about a Brooks and Bryson pairing?!

2012 Ryder Cup, Medinah Golf Club

Out-singing the Europeans…

Now, I appreciate that our chant of ‘USA…USA…USA!’ may be a little uncreative, however it is our duty to drown out the tedious European ‘Ole…Ole…Ole!’. Being an away Ryder Cup means we are in the minority, so get plenty of rest beforehand and warm up your voice. We are going to need it!

2014 Ryder Cup, Gleneagles Golf Club

The first tee...

If you make the trip over then you have to get up extremely early on day one and get a seat in the stands at the first tee. This is where you will experience the best atmosphere of all. The singing and chanting from both sets of fans in anticipation of the players coming out is something totally unique in golf.

For example, back in 2010 at The Celtic Manor in Wales, Jim Furyk had just won the lucrative $10m FedEx Cup, and when he came onto the tee a section of fans started chanting ‘Come on Jim, lend us five bucks…come on Jim’. The interaction between the fans and these multi-million dollar stars is priceless.

2018 Ryder Cup, Le Golf National

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