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5 things to do at The Masters

If you've been lucky enough to bag yourself some tickets we've put together a list of highlights at the Masters that are not to be missed.

Tommy Crabtree
Tommy Crabtree
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Attending The Masters truly is a bucket list experience, and a pilgrimage to Augusta is one that almost every single golfer wants to take.

As you arrive at one of the world’s most famous golf courses, where the azaleas are in full bloom, you will without a doubt be lost for words. For those lucky enough to visit the first major of the year, we’ve picked out five things to do at The Masters both inside the club’s grounds and in the Georgia state town.

Head to Amen Corner

You can’t visit Augusta National and not spend time at Amen Corner – one of the most recognized group of holes in the world. Holes 11, 12 and 13 test the player’s shot-making abilities and mental strength, but for patrons it is the ideal spot for viewing. From a single vantage point you can watch the pros make their putts on the 11th, watch them play the beautiful 12th hole, and then their tee shots on the 13th.

The legendary Amen Corner, covering Holes 11 to 13 at Augusta Golf Club

We would suggest arriving at around 6am (an hour before the grounds open), with your chair, as each spectator is allowed to bring one chair in with them, to make sure you’re near the front of the line. As there is strictly no running inside the grounds of Augusta National, power walk your way to the 12th tee and claim your spot. Leave a business card on your chair to save your seat, as in general no one will move your chair once you have claimed your seating space.

Try a pimento cheese sandwich

Yes, you may be at Augusta National, where the fairways are lush and golf history is coming alive, but a trip to Augusta isn’t complete without trying the famous pimento cheese sandwich. Like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, a pimento cheese sandwich has become an essential part of The Masters’ experience. After your first, you will without a doubt want to visit the tournament again for this signature snack alone. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the amazing value of the food and drink, with a sandwich and a drink coming to around just $4.

Snack counter at The Masters tournament

Buy a souvenir

As simple as it may sound, you will definitely want to buy something from The Masters Shop to remind you of the incredible experience you have had. The shop is full of fantastic merchandise that won’t break the bank, including logoed golf balls, that will forever remind you of Augusta. The branded caps, t-shirts and polo tops could also be the perfect gifts for your golfing friends and family back home. Alternatively, if you buy a drink it will come in a Masters cup that will serve as a constant reminder every time you take a sip after a round of golf at home.

Wide variety of merchandise available at The Masters shop

Watch the Par-3 Contest

A Wednesday at The Masters is a great day to spectate, especially if you only have one day to visit. Although a practice day, you are afforded the opportunity to watch the Par-3 Contest where you will find a lot of the world’s best and greats of years gone by, competing in a more relaxed environment. You may also be able to spot a few celebrities caddying in the famous white boiler suits.

Golfers on the green of The Masters Par-3 contest

Head into Augusta

Augusta, Georgia is the former home of soul singer James Brown, you can enjoy live music at almost every turn inspired by himself and other greats. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, you should try T-Bonz Steakhouse and possibly get some insights from caddies who frequent there, as well as the Frog Hollow Tavern, Farmhaus, and Calverts. You will most probably find John Daly with his bus set up outside of Hooters, for photo and autograph opportunities. If you’re extremely lucky, he may even play a few songs.

Welcome to Augusta, home of The Masters tournament

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