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How to use the portal: Manage guests & payments

Need help managing your golf trip? We’ve created this handy guide to walk you through using our online portal to manage guests and make payments.

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Adam Ward
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While our sales experts here at Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR are always happy to call you and assist with any matter concerning your booking, one of the quickest and easiest ways to manage your golf trip is by using our online booking portal.

Below, we have created a short guide on accessing and navigating the online portal to manage your guests, invite them to the booking, and make payments for your trip after creating your personalized quote.

Bookings - Manage guests

The online portal allows you to invite your fellow travelers to view the reservation. Simply create an invite link for the relevant itinerary and send it to your friends using the ‘Itinerary invite link’, allowing them to add themselves to the booking.

Alternatively, as the Lead Booker, you can add guests manually by adding their names. You also have the option to invite a guest to a booking by adding their email address. Your guests will receive an email invitation to join the booking and view their personalized itinerary for the trip.

This means they won’t need to ask you for the information as they will have access to it all in their own account. Please be aware that they will only see the information on the itinerary you have assigned them to and not the itinerary of any other guests on the booking.

Bookings - Manage payments

The 'Manage payments' page gives you an overview of the payments made to date and includes a completion tracker as a visual aid to tell you how much of your booking is left to pay. You will be able to see any payment deadlines, the outstanding balance left to pay, and you can even make a payment online.

When you pay your golf trip deposit at the time of booking, an unassigned payment will show on this page. You can then allocate this payment to yourself or to the person who paid the deposit. Once the deposit has been assigned, the unassigned payment line will be removed, and the payment will then be allocated against the relevant guest under ‘received’.

To allocate an amount simply click the edit symbol and enter the amount you wish to receive from your guests. If you need a reminder of what’s included, open the price breakdown tab which will give you a full overview of your booking so you can allocate the correct amount per guest.

You can allocate the divided amount to pay however you would like, but you are not able to allocate more than the total price. Guests can pay as much or as little as they would like, the allocation you send them is a guide, but they can override this. However, they are not able to pay more than the outstanding balance of the golf trip.

The ‘Pay’ button is unique to the lead booker (if set when managing guests). If you have submitted a guest’s email in the ‘Manage guests’ tab, you will see a ‘Request’ button when allocating a payment to them. If a guest does not want to provide their email, you can send them a payment link instead.

If you wish to share a payment link via social media or another channel, click the link symbol next to the guest’s name and then ‘Share payment link’. Each guest’s payment link is unique, so ensure you send the correct link to the right person.

Once you’ve requested payment from someone, you can resend an email reminder if needed. When a guest has fully paid, the option to request, resend, or copy the link is removed. If you need to allocate more and resend them a link again, edit the amount and re-trigger the request. Additionally, if you need to remove a guest and add someone else, this will need to be done via the manage guests tab.

Remember: If the online portal isn’t for you, you can always call us direct and speak to one of our experts who would be happy to speak to you about your booking.

Feeling confident?
We hope you found this guide useful and informative. To manage your booking online simply login to our booking portal below!


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