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How to use the portal: Bookings

Need help managing your golf trip? We've created this handy guide to walk you through using our online portal to manage your booking.

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Adam Ward
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While our sales experts here at Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR are always happy to call you and assist with any matter concerning your booking, one of the quickest and easiest ways to manage your golf trip is by using our online booking portal.

Below, we have created a short guide on accessing and navigating the online portal to manage different sections of your booking after choosing your quote.

Bookings - Summary

This guide will cover five sections of the booking page:

  • Summary
  • Tasks
  • Information
  • Itinerary
  • Rooming list

We have also created a separate article for an in-depth view on managing guests and payments.

The 'Summary' page will give you the headline information and provide quick links to view more details of your trip, such as your booking information, payments, and track any tasks which you need to complete prior to your trip. This includes completing your rooming list and providing travel information.

You can also print a summary of your entire booking (including your accommodation and golf vouchers once your final balance has been paid), or request a change to the booking, which will be picked up by our customer service team who will contact you in due course.

Bookings - Itinerary

This section will show a daily breakdown of your trip. If you are the lead booker, you can filter this to view the itinerary variations for all your guests. The breakdown includes flights, hotel check-in times, breakfast times, dinner, tee times, and other elements such as spa treatments.

Guests who have been invited to the booking will only be able to see the information relevant to the itinerary you have assigned to them.

Bookings - Rooming list

Once you’ve added your guests to your booking using the ‘Manage guests’ tab, you can then assign each guest to a room under the 'Rooming list' feature. This is where you tell us who is sharing with who. The rooming list will then be sent to your accommodation which will help to speed up your check-in on arrival.

Bookings - Tasks

The 'Tasks' section is where the Lead Booker can provide or allocate information that needs to be collected before you depart for your golf trip. For example, Advanced Passenger Information (API) for transfers.

Please be aware that depending on how you are traveling, and the company you are traveling with, different information will be required from you and all your guests. It is important that you correctly provide this information to prevent any issues or delays with your booking.

As a lead booker, you will have the ability to allocate tasks to other guests in the booking.

The first thing you will need to do is assign guests via the 'Manage guests' tab. Once guests have been assigned, you can enter the tasks section and view all tasks to be completed before travel. If you do not have the information from your guests, you can allocate tasks to specific people in your booking for them to complete. In order for a guest to complete a task, they will need to accept the Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR portal invite which you can send from the ‘Manage guests’ tab.

The tasks shown will depend on the components of your golf trip. This example shows transfers that require action prior to travel. Tasks are displayed using subheadings which can be expanded to show more detail.

Once expanded each task will request specific information, such as passenger details. If the task can be assigned, you will be able to select a guest’s name from the ‘Assign this task to a guest’ dropdown. When the invited guest logs in to their portal, they will see a list of tasks to complete in their task tab.

Alternatively, if the information is available to the lead booker, they could also fill in the required fields on behalf of their guests. Assigning a task would not be required in this instance. Only assigned tasks are visible to guests.

If a task is assigned and completed, this will be shown as complete for both the lead booker and the guest.

Once all the required details have been collected, the lead booker will be able to send all of the information to Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR by selecting the ‘Submit details’ button.

The assigned guest will be able to complete and submit the task on behalf of the lead booker. If you have submitted a task and you need to make further changes, please use the ‘Request a change’ button to get in touch with a member of the Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR team who will be happy to assist you.

The 'Information' section offers a list of any booking notes from your sales expert, as well as additional detail for accommodation, golf, travel, and extras. These pages are where your sales expert will add important information regarding your booking, such as travel arrangements or extras you have requested, so we encourage you to check over these pages very carefully.

If something does not look quite right or needs changing, get in touch and our customer service team will be glad to help.

Bookings - Information

Remember: if the online portal isn’t for you, you can always call us direct and speak to one of our experts who would be happy to speak to you about your booking.

Feeling confident?
We hope you found this guide useful and informative. To manage your booking online simply login to our booking portal below!


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