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My Ship Sticks travel experience

My experience with Ship Sticks, sending my clubs from Charleston, SC to Casa de Campo, DR and back, was efficient and effortless. Ship Sticks provides a valuable service I would recommend for all savvy golfers.

Corwin Parker
Corwin Parker
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Travelling around the world with your golf clubs can be a hassle. Lost bags, damaged clubs, and long waits to pickup at the airport. The simplest and easiest way to avoid all that is to use Ship Sticks!

Ship Sticks will deliver your golf clubs to your hotel (or golf course) so they will be waiting for you when you arrive. Our Product Manager, Corwin, recently used Ship Sticks on his golf trip down to the Dominican Republic and here is his experience:

Once I initiated my trip, I was promptly contacted by one of Ship Sticks experts, Jacob, and was politely walked through the process of creating a Ship Sticks account and printing out my shipping labels for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean. I couldn’t believe how easy everything was as I simply printed out the labels at home and attached them to my golf bag all through Ship Sticks easy to navigate website.

Jacob provided a great tip that I should pickup shipping sleaves at my local post office/FedEx, and it made preparing my bag even easier. My clubs were picked up during a window of time by the shipping company Ship Sticks had made arrangements with, conveniently right on my front steps. Ship Sticks kept me updated on where my clubs were during the shipping process via email, and I was alerted promptly when they arrived at Casa de Campo the Wednesday before our Saturday Arrival.

I found collecting my clubs at the resort to be convenient as I simply went to the Caddie Master at the Main Clubhouse and asked for them using my name. I was even able to practice the day before my first round!

Sending my clubs home was just as simple as I was able to print out the labels Ship Sticks sent to my email in the hotel lobby. With the assistance of one of the Casa de Campo bellmen, William, I was easily able to get my new shipping label attached and my clubs to the appropriate location to be sent back.

Even when there was a slight snafu with the local Dominican shipping company not retrieving my clubs on the designated day, Ship Sticks was swift and effective in contacting the resort and local shipper, making sure my clubs were retrieved and returned to me on time for my company golf outing back in the states.

I would 10/10 recommend Ship Sticks and applaud them and their staff for making my trip to Casa de Campo in the Americas one to remember forever!


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Corwin Parker

Product Account Manager

Product Account Manager, act as the liaison between our sales experts and hospitality partners.

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