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Get golf fit with Olly Foster

Ever since Tiger Woods turned the game on its head, the new age of professional golfers spend almost as much time in the gym improving their mobility and body mechanics as they do on the driving range. Head to any driving range at a tour event and the first thing you will see the professionals doing is stretching and warming up, to improve their mobility.

The Golf Fit program by Olly Foster is a great way for amateur golfers to improve their game off the course, with a professional golf fitness instructor who has spent the best part of two decades helping people transform their bodies and lifestyle. We've partnered up with Olly, to help get you started on your Golf Fit journey.

You’ve invested time in your swing and on equipment, now it’s time to become an athlete and stop letting your body hold back your golfing potential. Olly’s 12-week golf fitness and nutrition program for male golfers will help you transform your body and transform your game, so what are you waiting for?

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How can Olly help you get golf fit?

First of all, Olly is TPI specialist, a keen golfer and one of the UK’s top personal trainers, with nearly 20-years of experience. In that time, he has helped 1000’s of people transform their bodies, making him the perfect guide to educate you on strength and body conditioning, aimed towards golf.

After screening many male golfers, Olly has identified that 95% of male golfers tend to suffer from the same mobility issues, which stem from the sedentary lifestyle the modern day imposes on us. Taking these dysfunctions onto the course will cause inconsistent play with a higher risk of injury.

The key components to any golf swing are: Stability, mobility, posture, strength and power. When they work in sync, you will see a higher level of efficiency, consistency and greater swing speed for more distance. Olly’s specific exercises will help improve these key elements of the golf swing.

His nutrition plan works both on and off the course too, teaching you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle off the course, as well as how to maintain high energy levels on the course. All of the above combines to help you become a true golfing athlete, just like the professionals, and starts improving your game.

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