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Plan your great winter escape

Looking for some winter sun, but just don't know where to go? We've put together a handy guide of our top winter sun destinations and what they offer.

Allan Cranston
Allan Cranston 7 mins read

Luxury all-inclusive golf and beach holidays

Lush beaches of Mauritius

Once-in-a-lifetime golf and safari trips

Spot some of the 'Big Five' on a South Africa golf and safari holiday

Tropical beach breaks

Crystal clear waters on the Barbados coast

Luxury desert decadence

The luxury Burj Al Arab Hotel on the Dubai coastline

Closer to home Winter Sun spots

Scenery along Portugal's Algarve region

Traditional town square in Morocco

Feeling inspired?
Plan a break from the UK winter and get your golf clubs out in style. Make the most of our range of Winter Sun destinations such as the Canary Islands, UAE and the Caribbean where you can relax on white sandy beaches after your game of golf and enjoy great value for money at the same time.


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