Premium materials and dynamic comfort

Founded by Karl Toosbuy in 1963, Danish company ECCO is a global leader in offering footwear that utilises innovative zone technology and premium natural materials to provide a luxury range of golf shoes that are produced ethically and are eco-friendly. ECCO has an unmatched passion for their craft, and are completely dedicated to perfecting each and every detail of their product.

The heart of ECCO designs

Inspired by nature, the Danish design studio uses the synchronised murmurations of starlings, the ebb and flow of the Wadden Sea, and the ever-evolving weather patterns to influence their work every day; as a company founded on the foot-first approach; ECCO are obsessed with merging and harmonising nature’s movement around us and within us into their own interpretation of a natural wearing experience.

ECCO combine this with their shoemaking heritage, acknowledging the humble beginnings of the ECCO brand as well as their passion for the innovation, excellence and care they take in creating shoes that place a wholly natural object, the foot, at the heart of all our designs.

ECCO Biom® G3

The BIOM G3's take golf shoewear to the next level with their GORE-TEX® Waterproof technology, YAK leather from their own tanneries and BIOM® Natural Motion® technology. Golfers can enter the playing fields feeling assured that their golf shoes will provide optimal protection and comfort from the natural elements.

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