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What to Expect When Playing Golf at a UK or Irish Golf Club

We have listed some of the main differences between playing golf in the British Isles v the USA!

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The UK and Ireland is blessed with wonderful golf courses, in fact some of the best in the world. There are however a few differences and quirks between playing golf in the UK or Ireland and playing in the USA that you need to be aware of before you jump on the plane over here or step out onto the first tee of a traditional golf course in the British Isles. Below are my top ten (and a half) tips to take on board when planning your golf trip to the UK or Ireland.

1. Walking the course; some UK and Irish courses (especially traditional links course) have a no buggy rule – unless you have a medical condition (and a doctor’s note to prove it) that means you’ll have difficulty walking the full 18. Thankfully, you will find that the more commercial golf clubs do provide buggies; so if a buggy ride spins your wheels then make sure you inquire and reserve one in advance of your trip. The good news however is that pull trollies are usually available at most courses – which will certainly help those of us with bad backs.