Marriott Golf & Country Clubs

Take advantage of great midweek availability & value

Marriott is one of the biggest and most successful golf course operators in the UK. As well as free places for groups on offer, we have some fantastic group promotions planned for 2022 travel, meaning you can get more value for money than ever before!

  • Superb selection of four-star resorts
  • Stunning stay & play properties, with everything on-site
  • Experience the beautiful UK countryside
  • 1 in 12 FREE at Breadsall Priory, Tudor Park, Worsley Park
  • 1 in 16 FREE at Forest of Arden, St Pierre, Hanbury Manor
Open today 9am - 3pm

What makes Marriott Golf & Country Clubs so special?

Looking for that perfect UK golf trip filled with memorable moments in luxurious, stylish, comfortable accommodation? Marriott Golf & Country Clubs offer it all. From amazing golf courses with lush fairways and challenging obstacles to delicious cuisine and top-class service, you can trust Marriott to deliver it all and more on your next golf break.