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The Bacon Roll Up: Introduction

by Rob Saunders 17. January 2012 01:59

Bacon Sandwich

Hello, firstly let me introduce myself. I am Rob Saunders and I am an account manager for the UK’s largest online tee booking website I have the privilege of looking after over 150 golf venues across London, the South and South East. My portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of golf clubs from your cheap and cheerful municipal course to old fashioned high end members clubs. It is this diversity that keeps my job interesting and allows me to meet all sorts of colourful characters in very different surroundings. There is however one thing that all my clubs have in common and it is one of, if not the most important aspect of my golfing day…..the bacon roll!

Whether served pre, mid or even post round, for me the bacon roll is what defines the golf club, the truest of tone setters. Admittedly the bacon roll is pushed very close by other bar menu heavyweights such as near cousins the sausage and club sandwiches, but for me its beauty is in its aroma and all round simplicity. Simple it may be, comprising of so few components but I have always been amazed by how many different forms, flavours, textures, sizes and subsequently prices they can all have. So as I travel the length and breadth of the region I have my made it my challenge to review and report my bacon roll findings as I press the flesh in 2012. I am sure this journey will have its ups and downs but I hope all like minded fans out there enjoy my blog and please feel free to contribute with your own thoughts/findings at your local clubs. Let battle commence….


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Rob Saunders

Age: 29 Occupation: Account Manager Likes: Mediterranean Foods and Rioja, Football, Rugby, politically incorrect jokes, People watching and riverside drinking. Dislikes: Looking like Prince Harry, Chelsea Football Club, people stepping out of shops straight into your path and rude old people.

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Guy Proddow
Guy Proddow United Kingdom
1/18/2012 6:15:36 PM #

Rob, Great thinking. I am looking forward to finding out at which golf club I can buy best bacon roll in the UK. But first let's cut to the chase... are you a red or a brown sauce man?

Social Network Design
Social Network Design India
1/20/2012 3:08:20 PM #

It seems yummy..I must say you have very interesting stuff to do daily on your work.

Lawrence United Kingdom
1/27/2012 12:20:33 AM #

Rob is definitely a brown sauce man. HP in fact, none of this Daddies nonsense.

Watch this space for the first Bacon Roll-up LIVE - bringing Bacon Roll-up to the silver screen (or Youtube to be slightly more accurate)

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