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Murcia...a not so hidden gem

by LawrenceAlbahara 11. January 2012 02:07

Beautiful views across Murcia

It’s 3.30 am and my alarm is ringing. I’m thinking why the *?!$ is it going off that early! I then remember I have a plane to catch from London Gatwick at 6.20 am to Alicante as myself and my colleagues are off to Murcia on our long awaited FAM trip...

The purpose of this trip was to check out and experience the facilities at a range of venues and playing the courses on offer (hard life!) which proves to be real bonus when it comes to selling as you have some firsthand information to talk about with your clients.

When arriving we were greeted by our guide from the Murcia Tourist Board, Pedro, who was always on hand throughout. We knew we were in safe hands with Pedro because absolutely everyone knows who Pedro is , we called him the ‘Muscle of Murcia’ but I will let you paint your own image of the great man.

We started off at Roda followed by La Torre, La Manga, Mar Menor, Peraleja, and Hacienda del Alamo. All of which I can say are great for PGA Pro’s tuition groups as the facilities on offer are ideal. We stayed at Roda for two nights, two great nights. The first involved a day of golf followed by an evening of fantastic hospitality with possibly some of the nicest food I have eaten in a long time! The second night is a bit of a blur as the team from Roda took us to Murcia City for an evening of fun and games; again I will leave it to you to paint an image, who doesn’t love three hours sleep.

I have not got enough room to talk about each course but I will mention La Manga. We played the North Course out of the three to choose from and for someone who is fairly new to good golf courses I can say I really enjoyed it, good test off the whites with some good opportunities to hit a birdie or two. All made better by the great scenery around the course, from mountains to water features.

I’ll keep this blog like the trip, short and sweet. I can conclude in saying Murcia is the real deal for golf, and I mean proper golf. I know that one of my  main roles is to send my Pro’s abroad to experience the golf courses and resorts, however it is not always just about the golf. If you want to experience great food, drink and friendly people then I suggest booking a break to Murcia as it will tick all of the boxes and more, offering you and your group something different to the Costa del Sol or the Algarve. Truth be told I did not want to leave...thank you Murcia.



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I’m 22 years old, live in Twickenham and have recently graduated from Bournemouth University. I have been with now since about the age of 19. I did my placement here and have worked in quite a few departments in my time from Corporate Golf Days, UK Sales and now the PGA Relations team along with finishing my final year at University in between before coming back to work full time so I know the company well! The role I have in the PGA team at the moment has been my most rewarding as I am constantly learning new things on a regular basis. It’s a small team but that means more to do! I also contribute to the social media side of things in the department...hence the blogs!

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anon United States
1/11/2012 6:12:35 AM #

Beautiful picture, will have to mark down Murcia on my next golf trip...

Guy Proddow
Guy Proddow United Kingdom
1/21/2012 1:00:05 AM #

Good blog Lawrence. Sounds like a great trip. If anyone wants any more information on the Murcia venues mentioned above, then check out for the videos that we have on the Murcia region. The easiest way to get to them is via: . You'll see videos for La Manga, Roda, Peraleja, Mar Menor and La Torre. Happy viewing... you will be on  the next plane out!

Anon People's Republic of China
2/28/2012 4:55:18 PM #

Good blog Lawrence. Sounds like a great trip. If anyone wants any more information on the Murcia venues mentioned above, then check out for the videos that we have on the Murcia region.

nick nerja
nick nerja Spain
3/28/2012 10:12:05 PM #

As a resident of the eastern Costa del Sol where there aren't too many good courses I have often travelled up to Murcia for the weekend to take advantage of the wonderful courses there.  As you say the environment is spectacular (spot on about la manga), the hospitality exceptional and definitely a different and for me more enjoyable experience than down here in Andalucia. Perhaps that's because its like going on holiday for me!

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