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Tiger did what? I really don't care anymore

by Lawrence Tatlock 27. September 2011 00:49

I used to like watching Tiger Woods win golf tournaments. I wanted him to recover from the events of recent years. I wanted to see him win again. My enthusiasm is starting to wane. I’m getting bored of it all.

Every morning I begin my day with a click through my emails, then I visit the BBC News website followed by BBC Sport with the ultimate destination of the Golf section. It’s a routine. When it comes to the sport and golf sections, I know what I’m going to read about, it’s the same headlines I checked before I went to bed. This morning I was surprised. Then I wasn’t. Finally, I was annoyed enough to write this blog.

Yesterday, I watched Europe win the Solheim Cup in dramatic fashion. Last night I watched Bill Haas win $11.4m in a dramatic playoff that saw him flop the ball to 2 feet from the water. Look at the BBC Golf homepage below.

I just don’t care anymore. Tiger did what? He’s taken someone else’s caddy? I don’t care. Come back to me when he’s playing some good golf. Is it not time golf took centre stage and Woods was at least relegated to the ‘in other news’ section?

Golf has had a great year without Tiger and there’s some incredible talent out there at the moment. Let’s shout about that.


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Lawrence Tatlock

Having spent just over a year on UK Sales, I moved over to the Marketing department in March 2010. I really enjoy the new challenges I face in a constantly evolving department. I have recently become the voice of on facebook and twitter - I really enjoy interacting with people passionate about golf! My own passion for golf really developed while I was a student in St Andrews, living in the home of golf really makes you realise what a fantastic game golf is. I spent my summers as a student as a caddie on The Old Course; it was a fantastic experience and probably one of the best student jobs you could hope for

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Sam United Kingdom
10/7/2011 8:49:14 PM #

I'm sorry but i disagree. Tiger is the greatest golfer of the modern era (i understand the debate surrounding him vs Jack but you cannot compare the two, both great golfers but playing in different era's with different fields and equipment).

Tiger is still the biggest draw in golf and the most exciting player to watch (even now). I am a huge golf fan and love watching golf but even I am losing patience with watching Mr Nobody compete against Mr Nobody week in week out (Keegan Bradley Vs Jason Dufner in the final major of the year.........!).

Any Tiger news is still facinating news.

Lawrence United Kingdom
10/7/2011 9:01:18 PM #

I understand your point Sam. I love watching Tiger playing well, but until he starts winning again, I'm not interested in what he had for breakfast.

phil United Kingdom
2/22/2012 8:01:05 PM #

it just goes to show how easy it is to loose your top spot as a golfer ...but it takes a lot of effort to get it back ...i'm sure tiger will be at the top of his game again

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