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Hole in One

by Jack Evans 4. February 2011 01:42

The most sought after honour in golf is without a doubt the hole in one. It’s so much more than just an eagle; it’s a ‘1’ on the scorecard and it’s the satisfaction of knowing you’ve reached the pinnacle of the sport. At least that’s my opinion. To some golfers it’s just a three-figure bar tab. I myself have never had one, but know many who have. A certain friend has even had 4, something he still claims to be skill and not luck. 

I’ve certainly been one to profit from a hole in one in the past as said friend knocked up a £100 plus bar tab without blinking. Walking up the 18th I’ve never seen someone hope for something as much as he prayed for an empty bar. Karma I felt that it happened to be the vets roll up at the time and the clubhouse was 40 strong. At this point I couldn’t help but muse that he may have wished it had lipped out instead of dropping for that inaugural one. He claimed not as it was worth it to read ‘Rob Harold x4’ engraved onto the hole in one board in the clubhouse.

For myself and the lads golf is very much about bragging rights. The hole in one provides a lifetime of these. Being the sole member of my regular 4 ball to not have one I can assure you this gets brought up a lot. It’s at this point I bring up the fact that I’d actually rather go without one. I’m not in need of a large bar tab being a student and to be honest it’s all luck anyway. Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth in my eyes but that remains the story until one finally does drop into the cup.

Of course seeing the pro’s knock one in always induces drama and I’ve consistently been one to bet on a hole in one at every year’s Masters at Augusta. The 16th hole providing the perfect stage for it where of course ‘that shot’ was holed by Tiger Woods himself, buts that another subject.

Essentially I’m interested as to how people view the hole in one, although I fear the verdict is jaded with bitter golfers such as myself who are yet to claim one. I’m going to keep aiming down the pin and hoping and when it does eventually happen it will be down to skill and not luck. No, seriously.


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Jack Evans

I’m Jack and I will be giving you an insight to the mind of a 20 year old golfer. I am currently a student at Portsmouth University working for in my placement year. I currently play off 8, although some of the TOT lads may tell you otherwise during my seemingly never ending dip of form. I’m using this year to get back into golf and these blogs will update you with my progress..

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Golf Swing Plane
Golf Swing Plane United States
3/6/2011 2:17:36 PM #

I have never hit a hole in one myself. I think it gives you lifetime bragging rights. And I would love to have that.

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