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Group Golf Trips

by Nick Bonfield 31. December 2012 17:37

There is nothing quite like spending time away from home and embarking on a golf trip with a selection of your closest friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or abroad; a golf break ticks every box when it comes down to enjoyment criteria for a holiday you will look back on fondly for years to come. On a golf trip, every aspect of your regular four-ball is magnified, resulting in an experience that will leave you desperate to book another.

When many people look at booking a holiday, they consider what they hope to achieve in doing so. Desires obviously vary, but, generally, it comes down to spending time with people important to you, spending time outside and being able to completely forget home life and focus on the moment. A golf holiday conforms to all those wishes and more, and can be expertly tailored to suit group needs and idiosyncrasies. What’s more, aside from being one of the most coveted and popular holiday choices for groups of all ages and sexes, golf trips are incredibly versatile, and can vary from a two-day foray in England to a two-week jaunt in America or South Africa. Wherever you chose to go, though, most of the constants remain: bonding with your friends on a renowned golf course playing a game that you all love. It really doesn’t get much better than that. 

One of the best parts of the golfing holiday is its planning stages, because there are so many golf resorts to choose from, and so many that have received widespread acclaim from people all around the world. Whether it be an Open Championship venue, a classic UK parkland course or a European Tour venue, like Gary Player’s Thracian Cliffs in Bulgaria, there are countless options all around the world. It needn’t cost a fortune, either. Granted, some will choose to go further afield, taking in the likes of Valderrama in Spain or the revered Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco, but there are top quality golf breaks to suit any budget.

The destination is just one component, however, and it is a mixture of a number of factors that combine to make a golf trip so great. But when you are playing good golf, surrounded by friends underneath the Mediterranean sun, you begin to wonder why a golf trip hasn’t been a regular in the annual calendar. The banter and the camaraderie is another element, and a sense of relaxation and frivolity seems to engulf everybody on the trip. Whilst the emphasis at your home club might be on attaining 36 points, or progressing to the next stage of a tournament, that all changes when you are away with friends. You always want to play to your ability and shoot the best score possible, but going away to play golf really helps remind you why you got into the game in the first place. Looking around to see everyone having such a good time and creating shared experiences with your friends reinforces the essence of the game, and reminds you that, even if the golf isn’t going your way, other things are more important.  

And that is just when you are out on the course. There simply isn’t anything better than a cold beer or a glass of wine after your round, discussing the morning’s events with your friends and laughing about some of the experiences you all shared out on the course. Unlike at home, you don’t have to rush a quick drink and head back to the other half; you control the pace and the timetable, and the most difficult decision you have to face is how best to spend the rest of the afternoon and what social activities to embark on in the evening.

The beauty of a golf trip is that so many resorts are set up specifically to cater for tourists, meaning the off-course facilities are often comparable in quality to the golf. The vast majority provide additional leisure offerings - such as pools, spas and saunas – and a host of wining and dining options. The evenings are when it really hits home how good a time you are having. When you’re sat around the dinner table, enjoying top quality food and surrounded by your best friends, there is nowhere else you’d rather be. So many golf breaks venues have on-site bars, or are situated within a stone’s throw of lively night spots, so take to the town, open another bottle and chat the night away or retire somnolent and satisfied to a large and lavish bedroom in preparation for another foray on the fairways.   

A round of golf is pleasurable wherever and whenever you play, but knowing you are away from home, knowing you are with your friends, knowing you aren’t just playing one round and knowing what awaits off the course really combine to ensure a special few days. Group golf trips have everything, from an unparalleled sense of freedom and enjoyment to rounds of golf on some of the world’s best courses. And the best part? It is all done in the company of those closest to you, and those who share your passion and love for the great game of golf.

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Nick Bonfield

Nick Bonfield is a golf journalist and University of Exeter graduate. He currently writes for Golf Monthly, Golf Breaks, Golfshake and Leaderboard Golf, and has been published by the Daily Mail, the European Tour and Yonhap, Korea’s national news agency. You can follow Nick on Twitter @thegolfdebate.

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