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PGA Annual Lunch, December 2011 with Colin Montgomerie.

by LawrenceAlbahara 26. January 2012 01:20

As is an Official Supplier to the PGA of Great BritainColin Montgomerie paying tribute to British and Coalition troops
and Ireland, and Official Golf Travel Company to the PGAs of Europe
we had the pleasure of attending the annual PGA lunch which is was hosted in the well known Grosvener House in Mayfair. 

In all honesty I was not too sure what to expect before arriving. I had a misconception that the room would be full of Golf Pro’s walking around in their golf gear! I was very wrong; it was a very formal event that was run like a military operation with the food and drink coming out so quickly there was no room for error, really well put on.

Back to the important stuff, after the welcoming speech from PGA Chief Executive Sandy Jones the special guest of the afternoon was introduced, Colin Montgomerie. Being someone who More...


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Tiger did what? I really don't care anymore

by Lawrence Tatlock 27. September 2011 00:49

I used to like watching Tiger Woods win golf tournaments. I wanted him to recover from the events of recent years. I wanted to see him win again. My enthusiasm is starting to wane. I’m getting bored of it all.

Every morning I begin my day with a click through my emails, then I visit the BBC News website followed by BBC Sport with the ultimate destination of the Golf section. It’s a routine. When it comes to the sport and golf sections, I know what I’m going to read about, it’s the same headlines I checked before I went to bed. This morning I was surprised. Then I wasn’t. Finally, I was annoyed enough to write this blog.

Yesterday, I watched Europe win the Solheim Cup in dramatic fashion. Last night I watched Bill Haas win $11.4m in a dramatic playoff that saw him flop the ball to 2 feet from the water. Look at the BBC Golf homepage below.



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The Ultimate Tuition Break winners experience so far

by Chris Hughman 14. June 2011 19:49

When Chris Hughman and Nick Blunt won the superb Ultimate Tuition Break prize, we asked them if they could blog about their experiences. Over the next few months they will be working with the likes of JJ Rivet, biomechanics expert for some of the top European Tour golfers, and Simon Holmes, world renowned golf coach and Sky Sports commentator. By the end of their 5 month intensive training course both golfers will have improved their health, fitness and, ultimately, their golf handicap – just in time for their appearance in the Portugal Masters Pro Am in October...

Here is Chris' rundown of the launch of the programme at Celtic Manor..

If the prize that myself and Nick had won was simply a night in the hotel at Celtic Manor and a round on the Roman Road course, I would have been chuffed to say the least.  Celtic Manor is simply a fantastic golfing experience.  From the second you see the stunning hotel looming over the M4, it’s clear what an extraordinary resort your heading to.  The Roman Road golf course was immaculate with a nice variation of holes, and to put it into perspective, the tees were comparable to the greens I’m used to putting on!  The Hotel is first class, the food is amazing, and just to stand next to the 18th green on the 2010 course, the scene of so much drama in last year’s victorious Ryder Cup brings home what a special destination Celtic Manor is.

Nick being prepped..                                        Chris with JJ Rivet..                                            Tour Fit For Golf Team & our winners..



The week in golf…

by Lawrence Tatlock 14. May 2011 00:43

I like to keep on top of the latest news in the golfing world. My first port of call in the morning when I sit bleary eyed at my desk has always been the BBC Golf website, and as any other regular visitor to this corner of the BBC website will know, it isn’t always packed with new content. This isn’t a complaint about the quality of journalism at the Beeb, more a reflection on the fact that unless someone has won a tournament or Tiger has left the house without shaving there isn’t a great deal to comment on.

Times, however, are a changing – in a week that has been defined by the passing of one of the greatest entertainers the sporting world has ever seen, somehow other news stories have emerged and conspiracy theories are rife. Westwood and McIlroy are disrespecting the PGA Tour, Tiger is faking injury and we’re also in the middle of golf’s 5th Major (or 8th depending on who you listen to).

I’d like to see all the best golfers on top of their form competing against each other every week as much as the next golf enthusiast, but I’m pretty sure I’ll cope if Westwood et al aren’t there. Besides, even if they were playing and you watched the coverage provided by the golf channel, you would probably be none the wiser. Do the US pundits want to cover Europeans doing well on the PGA Tour? No. Then why throw your toys out the pram when Europe’s elite don’t come and play? Then again who cares if they do? The world number one certainly doesn’t.  WestwoodLee - @McIlroyRory did you see the field for the Volvo WORLD matchplay Rors? Notice anything? (Referring to the lack of US presence). And neither does Rory. McIlroyRory - Last time I checked, pro golfers are self employed and can decide when and when not they play. Correct me if I'm wrong.... #justsaying

If you watch the news at all, you’ll know that most of what goes on in our world these days, from national protests to super-injunctions, is because of Twitter. I personally don’t buy into the fuss that sees journalists quoting broken English tweets left right and centre as catalysts of world change. However I do admit I enjoy the speed with which news can be broken in the 140 characters punched into your favourite tweeters twitter app. Graeme_McDowell - Just saw Tiger come limping by me in the locker room. Considering he's supposed to be on the course I'm guessing that's not a good sign.....
Let’s keep politics out of golf and go back to enjoying the game. Here’s to sarcasm on twitter, the European golfing revolution and to Seve, the man who started it all and epitomized everything good about golf with a smile on his face.

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People to follow on Twitter

by Kris Lyons 23. November 2010 00:00

As a huge advocate of Twitter, I went through the exercise of adding all the big names from the golfing world to my account recently. Obviously the use of Twitter (and whether Monty would ban it or not) was quite a big news story during the Ryder Cup some weeks back, and it was really amusing looking at the pictures of sleeping team members, or Jaegermeister being drank out of the cup itself (this is officially on my bucket list).  More...

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A scorecard of mostly red

by Kris Lyons 15. October 2010 23:36

13 - 10, in Europe's favour

After a jubilant Sunday and high spirits for the unprecedented extra day for the singles, we were all in high spirits, ready to watch a flood of points for the European side. We weren't expecting to see the Americans pull this many matches back in their favour though.

As every hole dropped, the office was in a frenzy of mathematical calculations. Working out what needed to happen for Monty's men to have the chance to raise the eponymous trophy in the Welsh valley. More...

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Ryder Cup Player ratings

by Gareth Ilbery 15. October 2010 18:30

Always likely to be a controversial subject this, but there’s probably nothing better to provoke a bit of debate. Now that the dust has settled on the epic contest at Celtic Manor, it’s time to look back objectively (as much as possible) and decide who had a shocker and who was a hero. Did all the picks live up to the faith the captains showed in them? Did anyone play so well they are virtually guaranteed a spot at Medinah in 2 years? More...

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