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Play Golf, Get Healthy and Win a Chance to Play in the Portugal Masters Pro-Am...

by Freddie Pulsford 18. August 2011 21:23

In this day and age we are ever more conscious of staying healthy and keeping fit. We are surrounded by health crazes that promise to keep us fit just by picking them up off the shelves. There are constant reminders of the health implications if we do not stay active and look after our selves.

I have always been health conscious, yet the prospect of spending hours in a sweaty gym has never particularly appealed to me. For me, it is so much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you enjoy the exercise you do. Golf is such an enjoyable and social sport it is easy to forget the fantastic health benefits we can gain from it. An average round of golf can burn at least 300 calories. Past all the calorie counting, golf offers more than just a trimmer waist line; studies have shown that by exercising we sleep better and remain in a deep sleep for longer. Sleep is vital for our immune system, muscle repair and a range of other bodily processes that many of us don’t even stop to think about. It’s also worth mentioning that by carrying your clubs muscle tone is built up leading to a better cardiovascular workout. So instead of dragging yourself to the gym, have a round of golf and enjoy the many health benefits that come along with it! More...

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The Ultimate Tuition Break - Stage 3 at St Omer, France

by Nick Blunt 16. August 2011 18:23

On Saturday 6th August Nick carried out the third stage of The Ultimate Tuition Break. Here is his account of his experiences at St Omer...

Having spent the last month since The London Club trying to accurately retain the knowledge imparted and diligently follow the drills supplied by Simon Holmes and JJ Rivet, I felt quietly confident that my swing had started to take shape. The personalised exercise program had started to pay dividends in that my initial physical restrictions had began to be removed and I was able to get in the positions that Simon and JJ were trying to get me into.

We arrived at what must be the premier golfing venue in France, St Omer, and had the opportunity to test the course prior to the reassessments the next day.  Having recently staged a European Tour event we knew that we would have our games severely tested.

The golf course at St Omer is very challenging with numerous changes in elevation, though it is very fair from the tee. Club selection is tested throughout the round with every club in your bag in play. The greens were large, a nice pace and with lots of very tricky putts you will need to putt well to put a score together. More...

The Ultimate Tuition Break winners experience so far

by Chris Hughman 14. June 2011 19:49

When Chris Hughman and Nick Blunt won the superb Ultimate Tuition Break prize, we asked them if they could blog about their experiences. Over the next few months they will be working with the likes of JJ Rivet, biomechanics expert for some of the top European Tour golfers, and Simon Holmes, world renowned golf coach and Sky Sports commentator. By the end of their 5 month intensive training course both golfers will have improved their health, fitness and, ultimately, their golf handicap – just in time for their appearance in the Portugal Masters Pro Am in October...

Here is Chris' rundown of the launch of the programme at Celtic Manor..

If the prize that myself and Nick had won was simply a night in the hotel at Celtic Manor and a round on the Roman Road course, I would have been chuffed to say the least.  Celtic Manor is simply a fantastic golfing experience.  From the second you see the stunning hotel looming over the M4, it’s clear what an extraordinary resort your heading to.  The Roman Road golf course was immaculate with a nice variation of holes, and to put it into perspective, the tees were comparable to the greens I’m used to putting on!  The Hotel is first class, the food is amazing, and just to stand next to the 18th green on the 2010 course, the scene of so much drama in last year’s victorious Ryder Cup brings home what a special destination Celtic Manor is.

Nick being prepped..                                        Chris with JJ Rivet..                                            Tour Fit For Golf Team & our winners..



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